learn the impact you can make by engaging with your carbon footprint.

Greenr is a social enterprise that uses technology to connect consumers and carbon offsetting programmes in a transparent way.

Our aim is to give you the choice to offset in a way that motivates you – whether that’s funding rural solar in Africa or replanting trees in Argyll.

As you donate, you will continue to see the results of your giving as we share the stories and impact you have created along the way. 

Simply select the Greenr icon at the checkout of your next online purchase and start engaging with how you off-set.

SHOP. Greenr are currently piloting our Shopify solution. When you decide to offset with Greenr at a partner checkout, we will buy carbon credits on your behalf for verified carbon offset programmes.

CHOOSE. While we refine our checkout product, our team is developing a transparent platform that will allow you to pick the offsetting programmes that mean the most to you!

ENGAGE. Once you have an account you will be able to engage with the programmes that you have picked and learn the impact your offset is making, share what you’ve achieved & connect with others.

why should I offset?

Most scientists now agree that man-made climate change is raising temperatures across the world, affecting people’s lives, our environment and our future.

The carbon dioxide that is emitted from our buildings, our transport, our electricity and industries that create the everyday products we consume are the primary cause of this change to global temperatures.

While there is a significant amount of work going on to try and reduce or avoid carbon emissions, for now the only answer to minimise your carbon footprint is to offset your emissions or avoid carbon intensive activity (like flying). By doing this you can ensure that whatever is emitted in connection with your actions is then being recaptured.

Greenr connects you with tried and trusted, certified offsetting projects both locally and from around the world. By investing in these projects, we can restore our natural world and combat climate change together.

don’t just live with your emissions. Go Greenr.

are you a business wanting to give your customers the choice to use Greenr?

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