When you go through the payment checkout and you see the Greenr logo, all you need to do is opt in and we will add the offset to your checkout. 

Currently, we will automatically allocate the offsets equally amongst all our projects while we develop an app that will allow consumers to pick the projects they feel strongly about.

We have full transparency of where your money is going and which projects you are supporting. Every project we invest in is a Certified Emission Reduction (CER) product, as laid out in the Kyoto protocol. 

why Greenr?

  1. Transparency. You know exactly where your money is going and the benefits it can bring
  2. Trust. With all of our products being certified to ISO standards by a UK Accreditation Service (UKAS), you can trust us to complete the passage from your pocket to the project
  3. Simplicity. With the Greenr technology, it couldn’t be easier to offset your emissions on your checkout

how can I sign up for the Shopify plug in?

Signing up is quick, easy and free – email ted@gogreenr.co for more info. All you need to do is decide how much you want to offer as an offset and the team at Greenr will do the rest. Our software developers will input our plug-in in a matter of minutes and you will be ready to go.

To see what the software looks like, head to our friends at Forest Wines, who are already offsetting their emissions with Greenr.

what next?

Going forward, Greenr will differ from our competitors, because we will allow our customers to choose exactly which project they are putting their money towards. 

We want to create a completely transparent platform where our customers see exactly how their emissions are being recaptured. This functionality will come through personalised profiles on the Greenr site, so at the checkout all you need to do is log yourself in and all of your favourite projects are saved and ready to go. 

We want our customers to be fully engaged and involved in the projects they are investing in, and we want our host websites to be confident that they are assisting in gold-standard emission reduction schemes, tackling climate change sustainably with Greenr.

what is an offset?

Do you use airplanes? Do you use cars? Do you ever turn on the heating or air con? Do you ever order products online to be delivered? Do you use hot water? Do you cook your food? 

We cannot avoid actions that emit carbon emissions. But, we can ensure that those actions are carbon neutral by recapturing those emissions by planting trees, maintaining rainforests, re-fertilizing the oceans or investing in carbon capture technology. All of these methods are carbon negative – they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.